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How Can We Help You Achieve Exxcellence?

Are you pursuing board certification?

Resources for residents, fellows, and those preparing for the board exam.

Pearls of Exxcellence

Each month, our board members and diplomats review some of the most challenging topics on past board exams.


Complications of TVT and TOT

11/1/2015 - A. Goldberg, MD Mentor: Ellen Brock, MD Editor: Eduardo Lara-Torre, MD


Trichomonas, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia in Pregnancy

11/1/2015 - M. Alston, MD Mentor: Chris Carey, MD Editor: Ron Burkman, MD


Postpartum Eclampsia

11/1/2015 - M. Siddiqui, MD Mentor: Anita Blanchard, MD Editor: Roger Smith, MD


Interested in advancing your career?

Resources for physicians' professional development and collaboration.

Exxcellence in Clinical Research

Offered for current Ob/Gyn Fellows and Ob/Gyn Junior Faculty. Residents are not eligible. This is a six-day course.


Exxcellence in Family Planning Research

Offered for Fellowship in Family Planning Directors, Graduated Fellowship in Family Planning Fellows, Ryan Program Directors, Junior Faculty and RHEDI Program Directors.


L3-ObGyn™ Modules for Residents

Each quarter, we compile references to important new articles and create opportunities for self assessment based on that material.


Research Grants

Information on research grants awarded by The Exxcellence Foundation.